a matter that is in dispute                  issue
a mixture of decayed leaves             compost(noun)
an amount of money that                   fee
a person who buys and uses           comsumer
a person who lives in a                      resident
a place where very large                    landfill
a protective covering of a                   mulch
a small piece cut from                       clipping
earning less money from what        at a loss
extremely important                            critical
having qualities that seem                formidable
money that a company,                      revenue
not in the form of a liquid                   solid
small broken branches                     brush
the act or process                               waste disposal
the side of a pavement                      curbside
to ask a particular amount of            charge
to buy something                                purchase
to make something important          initiate
to make something such as            compost(verb)
to produce or cause something      generate
to use up something and have        run out of
unwanted things or waste                trash

In America, dealing with                    TRUE
Montgomery County recycles           FALSE
Richard Kattar's recycling                 TRUE
Montgomery County has run out     FALSE

In Montgomery County,                      a
Richard Kattar                                     b
The county's goal                               a
Montgomery County consumers     c



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