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Cadencii version 1.4a8(EN)


Release Note

Release Date

 23 Feb, 2009


      This version is alpha-build for previewing the functions of Cadencii version 1.4, and testing purpose only.
      Cadencii requires ".NET Framework Runtime(version 2.0 or later)", "DirectX Runtime(latest one)", and "Visual C++ Library DLLs". Installers of these rumtimes are available from the links below.


How to get source codes

      Source code repositories are now separated to 2 parts. Repository for the components listed below are on SVN LipSync repository of SourceForge.JP.
  • Boare.Lib.AppUtil
  • Boare.Lib.Media
  • Boare.Lib.Vsq
  • bocoree
Also, Repository for the list below are on SVN Cadencii repository of SourceForege.JP.
  • Cadencii
  • vstidrv3
  • GenerateKeySound

Please follow the instruction below for checking out the SourceForge.JP repository. If you required to enter the password, just hit enter key.
cvs login
cvs -z3 co -r CADENCII_1_4_A_8 #modulename#
Source codes on Google Codes can be checked out as follows.
svn checkout -r 33 cadencii-read-only

These cvs / svn command is for checiking out "THIS" version of Cadencii. In order to get the latest source codes, please remove "-r" options from these commands.