a cliff straight up                                            vertical
a long and difficult search                           quest
a means of expressing                                outlet
a person or company                                   advertiser
a person who gose in a kayak                    kayaker
a session of physical exercise                   workout
a short form of advertiement                       ad
a sudden strong, pleasant feeling             rush
being so basic or permanent                      inherent in
confidence in one's own worth                   self-esteem
dangerous, especialy to                               hazardous
felt or experienced by watching                   vicarious
living or lasting forever                                  immortal
looking white because                                 white-water
not true or real                                                bogus
not wide or deep enough                             unnavigable
someone who is very interested                enthusiast
the aim or purpose                                       object
to be a typical example                                 typify
the quality of having                                      ruggedness
to climb to the top                                          scale
to decide or agree                                         take on
to exist in very large numbers                     abound
to gain an advantage                                    cash in on
together with someone                                in tandem with
to have something as a                               feature
to refuse to obey something                       defy
to see something (used in the                   witness
to spend time doing nothing                       sit around
to talk too proudly                                          brag
to tear apart or open                                     rip
very clear and giving a lot                            graphic
very impressive, exciting                             breathtaking
very shocking and extremely unfair           outrageous
wonderful, excellent                                     awesome



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