Use texture sequence


Basically, you can't use keyframe with MayaManCustomShader.
Instead, you have to use Expression.

//Maya expression ColorMapNum = frame;
And this is a part of Renderman shader.
If texture path is
You can code like this.

TextureName = format("%s.%04d.%s", TextureName, TextureNum, TextureExt); Color=color texture(TextureName, X, Y, "blur" ,Blur ,"fill" , -1, "alpha", Alpha);
TextureName = "C:\project\textureA"
TextureNum will come from Maya's expression
TextureExt = "tif"

I defined texture offset as attribute, and coded like
TextureNum += TextureOffset;
But this one couldn't work at frame 1.
I couldn't solve this issue.
So I added offset value in Maya's expression instead.


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