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Cadencii version 3.0.23(EN)


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Release Note

Release Date

 7 Jul., 2010


      Cadencii requires ".NET Framework Runtime(version 2.0 or later)". Installer of this rumtime is available from the link below.
      Cadencii can be launched with the latest version of mono. This enable you to use Cadencii with many platforms supported by mono. (Note: Several functions using VOCALOID2 VSTi are not available in this case.) Mono is available from the link:


Get codes

      Source code is available on SourceForege.JP. Please follow the instruction below for checking out the SourceForge.JP's SVN repository.
svn checkout -r 1095 ./

These svn command is for checiking out "THIS" version of Cadencii. In order to get the latest source codes, please remove "-r" option.